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It’s a way too early morning wake up, take meds, try to wind down to go back to sleep for a bit. And woooooo! There went the post.

  • Technological frustrations.
  • Motherhood.
  • Sleep deprivation.

So the great post I had written up in my head (ok so not Pulitzer material, but still) is now gone. Makes me wonder why I even am trying again. My energy what little I have  goes first to the kids, then other humans, then housewife stuff then misc work, now trying to get back to where writing was part of my work is a struggle I am not sure i’m up for. Much less how to explain how it fits into the overall picture to those who are close to me.

Frankly in my humble opinion I sound like a bitchy housewife / stay at home mom, who thinks Apple has WAY over complicated their products and am secretly missing the old “pre-iWorld”, hates the “keychain concept and wants it eliminated, would kill to have one hour uninterrupted just for me to do nothing but write, and someone needs to find a cure for fibromyalgia (and snoring) fast.



The “bitchy housewife / stay at home mom”