She’s one of the fastest deal cutters on the street. There won’t be a dollar left on the table by the time she’s finished with you. Your advertising budget will actually work and you will have customers! “Big Money Red” is BACK!

Radio crept into my blood rather quickly from a very early age. It started off with broadcasting then I went to what is refered to as “the dark side” aka sales later on in my career. I’m proud to be back with Brewer Media Group and representing some amazing media products and results.

It’s taken me longer than I had planned to get my feet on the ground. I woke up on my first day back and thinking it would be just like where I had left off years before. Boy was I wrong.

Sales reps, let me give you a bit of advice. When you leave a sales job where you have clients that depend on you, take extra pains to make sure the next person that handles the account knows what in the world is going on. Be organized. Leave good notes. It’s not about not caring about your previous company anymore, it’s about truely caring about your client. If you care about your client and are truely a good account manager you will leave management with notes on each client and a one sheet break down in each folder as to details. That way the next person to take care of your client (it’s not just handling an account) can pick up more smoohtly where you left off and the client dosen’t get jolted too badly. It can be a high turnover industry and clients aren’t just a commission check, for anyone.

Ok I’m off my soapbox now.

As I was saying……

I have “retired” from the advertising agency business and am back marketing radio and non-traditonal print. I couldn’t be more excited and thrilled to be back with Brewer Media Group, truely a awsome company.

Making the transition from fulltime Mommy to working for someone else fulltime has been extremely difficult, both on myself and to a degree on Elle. We have been so used to being together so much of the time it’s heartbreaking to be apart. I worked when Meg was little, and she was raised to a degree in a radio station. It was my plan for things to be different with Elle as she is the last one, the last baby, to keep the baby a baby as long as possible. I’ve also missed having my extra afternoon time with Meg, there just isn’t enough time in an evening to get as much quality time in with your kids when you work fulltime as one would wish.

I’m planning on making some changes here on the site in the next month or so. A new design, some new topics (with a focus in sales tips / marketing agendas), and the struggle of a single mom trying to balance a full time career that she loves, in addition to squeezing in as much time as possible with my babies I love. 

Oh and did I mention adding in the additional pressure of more health issues? That’s another post.

Alas…. “Big Money Red” is back. 🙂