Made a whirlwind trip to Nashville to work with one of my favorite photographers Oleg Volk. I’m sore as I always am after a Oleg shoot. (you try balancing / crouching / holding a pose in heels for many hours and see how you feel!) There will be more images posted soon.

I was thinking this evening about blessings, I am very blessed in many ways. One of the odd ways I count myself blessed is that I can continue modeling, one of the things I love to do, and I don’t have to be naked or wearing buttfloss to do it. It may not be something that everyone understands, but I’m following my bliss.

I’m also blessed with great photographers who respect my boundaries and are willing to work within them, something that is becoming increasingly rare, as is the photographers professional treatment before/during/after the shoot with the model. It’s a profession, not a “guys club”.

Off my soapbox now. Love the first two shots out of the gate.