There are some days when your faith in the human race is restored. This is refreshing and even better when it’s unexpected. It doesn’t take a lot, to “pay it forward” just something small and polite.

I was attempting to get my mobile office set up at Krystal (gotta love their fries and free wifi) and went to plug in my laptop (as she’s getting older and won’t run off it’s own battery anymore, she’s got to be plugged in.) Anyways, so I cleaned off my chosen table and went to go plug her in, the cord wouldn’t reach. There was one table between me and the outlet, and this guy was sitting there. He looked up and asked if I wanted to trade. How nice! I know it was just a small gesture but so few people actually have their eyes open anymore to anything else going on around them it’s just nice to see. So needless to say I ended up with the table closest to the outlet and met a nice Chattanoogan.

And yes. I made sure to say thank you. Manners and civility are not lost in our society completely.