Our society has so many views of sexuality. We ourselves are afraid of our own sexuality so much so that we hide who we truly are from those closest to us. This begs to have the question asked: why?

Because deep down inside becoming comfortable in our own sexuality, not our orientation, but the essence of our sexuality is something many aren’t able to accomplish until they are older. There is the ruse of the confidence of youth that covers a lot of misconceptions. From a early age we are brought up inadvertently not to be different from the crowd, but to seek acceptance. Most of the time this is applied to all facets of our lives, it’s inevitable.

Early on in life we go with the crowd, we seek to be “popular” or just not get our butts kicked on the playground. This “playground” enlarges to a much bigger scale as we are pushed out of the fold and into the real world where there are a lot of hard choices to make. I’m not talking about just where you are going to live, or what your career is going to be, but who you are going to affiliate yourself with in a romantic manner.

It boils down to fear of rejection, on multiple levels. We are afraid of rejection from our from our friends, from our workplaces, from our community as a whole. Sometimes it’s a self-preservation tactic to keep a level of peace in our lives that is deemed necessary for some reason or another, it may be big or small but up to the individual to make the choice as to how they handle accepting themselves before they ever come out.

It’s called “tolerance”. Perhaps one day it will be more of a activity as opposed to just another word in the dictionary. Just because someone chooses a different path, and one that someone else might see as “odd” doesn’t make it okay to belittle them and tell them it’s wrong.

We were put on this earth to love, not hate.


Let me make the following clear:

I am a Christian. I am Straight.  I am a Parent. I am a Republican. I am a tax payer. I am a community volunteer. I am a woman. I support those in the Gay, Lesbian, Bi-Sexual and Transgendered community. If someone wants to “make a mountain out of  molehill” then have fun.