So I’ve sustained my first recent running injury.

Yes you read right: “running”.

In the past few months I’ve taken up running, not just running on a treadmill as I’ve done for years, but good ole’ outdoors I’m as asthmatic running during ragweed season, running. It is SO much harder! Even though I’ve kept an incline set on my treadmill I really had it easy. Your body is forced to adjust to your environment with each and every step, therefore making it harder on your body. Your whole body is put into a workout of epic proportions (okay maybe not epic but it’s my blog so I’ll word it as I want to) even your nose is forced to work overtime (at least mine is).

During my teenage years my knees took a good beating. Between my attempts at sports, gymnastics, car accidents and just life in general both of my ACL’s became next to non-existent. Add to this years thereafter of wearing high heels and I’d hate to hear what a specialist would have to say about them nowadays.

I had managed to work up to almost two miles on a gravel inconsistent course, and two miles on a more consistent paved greenway. I was considering doing a 5k for fun,(yes I said “5k” and “fun” in the same sentence) and the very night I was going to sign up in the middle of my post run stretch my right knee dislocated. It was the same excruciating pain I’ve experienced multiple times over the years. So needless to say the “just for fun 5k” was off.

Last night two days after the re-injury I got in almost a mile before it started bothering me. I had wanted to go tonight but it just wasn’t going to happen.

I’ve discovered that you don’t get the same high running on the treadmill as you do outside. Sure I’m going though my inhalers faster and antihistamines like they are candy, but it’s so worth it. I feel like a sloth if I don’t get that run in. I feel like I’ve gained 5 lbs overnight and I don’t have the freedom to eat whatever I want if I don’t run.

Meg and I at the Komen Race 2011

It’s going to take me awhile to build back up to where I had, which wasn’t really that much to anyone else probably, but to me it was.  This year was a first at the Chattanooga Komen Race For The Cure that I’ve emceed for many years, that I wanted to run. Normally I’m happy with just running my mouth, but watching the results come in I was guesstimating in my head as to where I would fall in the results (“alive” was as far as I got). I will always prefer to run my mouth, but if I can I’m still aiming to complete my first 5k by the end of the year.