You always hope the day that you run into your ex isn’t one of your “less than fortunate” days. You know… the ones where you run into the grocery store to grab a pack of Midol and chocolate, while wearing your oversized yoga pants and university sweatshirt. Darting into the store quickly thinking that no one will recognize  you for the hot mess you are, then *BAM* there is you Ex. Oh… not a pretty moment. You know he’s seen you worse, but you don’t want him to see you worse later on… you want him to see you better. A woman can be quite moved on in her life, and lightyears away from the past and you still don’t wanna have “that” moment.

Or in my case….

Facebook is a wonderful thing. It keeps us connected to people who we want to be connected with, it helps to keep events organized, it is great for networking, and for weeding out the stalkers from the fans. I recieved a friends request from the “woman-who-would-have-been-my-sister-in-law” the other day and my brain shook a bit. Timing was just interesting and “to everything there is a season…” In the past I enjoyed my time with “the woman who would have been my sister in law” we talked so much there was actually more than once the Ex would sleeply comment “She’s marrying me not you, now it’s time to go to bed”.  You would have thought that we hadn’t talked in a few months, not in almost eight years. I had thought of her and her family recently due to a geographic location and like I said previviously… timing.

I had to ask what made her look me up on facebook… then the story spills out. There was a small group of her family gathered together at the computer and disucssing ex’s. So I get “googled/facebooked” and upon seeing my picture come up on the screen, “the woman who would have been my mother in law” makes the comment:  “I think her boobs were bigger”. So instead of the horror moment of running into that Ex in public while looking like death warmed over, my biker shoot images (that are being published – more on that later!) were the “greeter image”. Yeay me.  Untill I kept hearing in my head “I think her boobs were bigger”.

Amongst my many faults and shortcomings, I’m remembered for my big boobs, and pointed out that they may not be as big as they once were. Great. For the rest of the day I kept taking off my top and checking them out in the mirror. It was a rather perky day till that thought comsummed my evening. Shallow? Perhaps. But hey… part of my trademark is the busty redhead.

The internet has allowed us to avoid some very social awakard moments. It’s also allowed us to put some distance where it needs to be put at the right times (if used properly). It also allowed me to have one of the few girlie moments that few will ever admit to wanting but it’s out there… The wanting to be very presentable the next time an Ex sees you as opposed to looking like roadkill on an off day.

“I think her boobs were bigger….”

Come to think of it they probably were… that was two kids ago.  Any local plastic surgeons want to have a local promotional model promote your boob jobs? I would seriously consider it, today.