I am proud to say that to my knowledge I started “Textile Graffitti” in Chattanooga. I have been joined by my fellow yarn freaks and dear friends Evie and Lila. We thoughly enjoy our “bombing” and it’s a toss up what we enjoy more; the openings for conversations with strangers with the chance to educate them in an almost lost art form, or the companionship we enjoy while crafting our quite odd, yet smile producing projects.

So far our favorite places to tag have been relatively safe. At locations we are familiar with and know some people there. We’ve tried to take pictures of our bombing acts so far… so here are a few. 😉

First duo bombing (at an undisclosed location in Chattanooga TN)

We “bombed” a patio table pole and umbrella

First Trio Bombing: at another undisclosed location in Chattanooga

Second Trio Yarn Bombing – to be continued for awhile – at Mikes Hole In The Wall, Chattanooga

I will do my best to keep updates on our yarnbombing adventures. I won’t bore you with all the pictures but be assured we are taking pictures of just about everything we do. 🙂