Spent a bit of time tonight going over some homes in a local development here in Chattanooga, Cummings Cove. I enjoy seeing various decor styles and some of the staging fails that affect all sorts of homes no matter the price range.

Cummings Cove is a private gated golf community here in Chattanooga TN. It is home to the Black Creek Golf Club and some of the most beautiful homes in Chattanooga.

Most images are from the Crye-Leike realtors website and you can find them here:  www.crye-leike.com

I could not decide if the following floral arrangement needed to be hit with a stick, were tragic accidents of a blinded florist, or were missing from a Dr. Seuss tale.

Silks are all well and good… in their place. Not the bathroom. I mean seriously… if you can afford a half a million dollar home provide your guests with an extra roll of tp for their rears and q-tips for their ears, not leaves and blooms from a dusty and dated silk arrangement! Keep them in porportion with the receptical you have them placed in, and also placed on.  Size and statue is important and gage it carefully. Filling your home with a ton a fake blooms in effort to try to “brighten it up” when you are trying to sell is isn’t gonna do it. It looks like you cheaped out. When you have a showing coming in, splurge on a few nice fresh flowers to space out among the fakes if you have to have blooms in your home. Get rid of the dusty arrangements and donate them to a graveyard where there may be some sites that don’t get flowers and visitors.

I am not saying that all fake blooms are tacky, but go for quality instead of quanity and keep them clean!  It’s time consuming but worth it in the long haul to keep your silks/fake blooms clean!  Research and find the method that is best going to suit your type of arrangement. Somtimes just wiping with a few q-tips and clean cloth is sufficient, othertimes a vacuum may be best, also the “salt in the bag” method has been known to work well too.

If you must go with fakes go with pretty ones! Avoid the fleamarket variety (especially if you are in a high end home! sheez!) and go with something more along the lines of Atelier fake flowers: http://www.atelierabigailahern.com/flowers.asp

In the  meantime, take a look around your home and do some sprucing up of any of your arrangements. You don’t want plants in your high end home that look like they came out of a Dr. Seuss book or like they could attack your guest at any minute and they would need to defend themselves with the nearest object.

Disclaimer: All remarks made are my own. I do not claim to be an expert but I do have pretty good taste when it comes to decor, and as to what looks like it needs to be hit with a stick.

Photos are from www.Crye-leike.com and http://www.atelierabigailahern.com