Growing up I remember seeing catalogues with pictures of little girls dressed alike, or quite similar. Their mothers often also in the photos wearing the same dress as the daughters. It was sachrine sweet, and yes I wanted to be that family as a child. I wanted to have the siblings dressed like me in photos, and have the same picture perfectly coordinated and matching photos of my own family one day.

Reality check.

I found some of the most adorable matching dresses for my girls, and was so excited to take their pictures together in them. Alas it’s difficult to photograph a teething toddler and a diva six year old. Unfortunately we didn’t end up with a picture of the girls in their matching dresses I wanted so badly. Thankfully though we were able to get one picture with both of the girls in it where they were both holding still. Amazing.

And yes… those are matching PJ’s. 🙂