I would really love to get my Cherry Red VW out of the shop where she is currently, back and be able to take her to someone more reasonable to get her fixed. We’ve found out the hard way that we took her to the wrong place. Which is disapointing. 

To be honest I want to get her moved to another shop to get her work done. (Or just be able to replace the whole darn car with her twin, but that is deffinately not an option in the current economic state.) I LOVE that car and not having her is really wearing thin and breaking my heart.

One would hope that in this economy that a local business would be wil wiling to work with a family who stated up front that we would need them to work with us, and they agreed… that they would do such. Not so. We have previviously to this sent other people to them, in hopes we could help generate more business for them. Never again. I could understand if we were a family bleeding the state of funds, crack-heads, alcoholics, blowing paychecks on smokes and bull. Instead we are a hard working american family who works hard just to keep ahead of the bill collectors. Like many famlies who are in a stuggle right now we are stuck there too. We don’t ask for handouts, we work hard for what we have and we provide a good, safe and stable life for our children.

You would think that in this economy and with those who are somewhat still in the media and has a loud mouth and the ability to help a business a local business, they would be more willing to work with you. Especially when stuck between and rock and a hard place. It’s not like we are rolling in dough and and were honest with them on what we could do on options of payments and such, but to no avail. Scrouge does exist.

Found another shop, but have to pay way too much to be able to get her out of the current shops custody. Very irritated and have found out since this had been going on I shouldn’t have taken her there to begin with. I’ve been forturunate to have a friend who even went to the local dealership on my behalf because the last thing you want with VW coming to town is a media type bad mouthing their cars. Unfortuantely someone is always placing the blame on someone else. Another thing typical in this town, blame someone else and no pride in your business image.

So I am starting my personal blacklist of car related places in Chattanooga to avoid, if you want more details contact me directly. This is not meant in a slanderous manner, it’s a word of mouth of who I have had personal experience with with them and why I would not go back.

The best advertising you can have is a happy customer because they tell other happy customers. The worst advertising you can have is a unhappy customer because they talk even lounder than happy customers.


Abra Auto Body, Chattanooga TN

Barvarian Auto, Chattanooga TN


Oh and I would LOVE to use the local VW dealership to do the work on the car, as they have done good work on her in the past. But their PRICES! OMG! From what we have paid them since I got my Cherry VW, she would have already been paid off in full by now. So in as much as I’d rather take her back to the dealership to have the work done, it’s not afforable.

Some businesses need to realize that one of  the best form of advertising is  their customers.


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