So my wonderful big sis April has been on this HCG diet, and it’s worked. I saw it for myself.

It has been almost 18 months since her youngest was born, her second child. She’s been a busy momma and not had time with school to take care of herself the way she would like. Last time I saw her, just a few months ago, she still had pregnancy cankles. Yet in about one month she dropped about 30 lbs. YES! She did. I saw it for myself.

The minute she gets in my front door there is the standard girlish high-pitched scream and lunge of hugs and kisses. Then before you know it we are upstairs taking off our clothes trying on what the other is wearing and showing off new war wounds or the way our jeans fall off without unzipping. Yes. Welcome to our world, we have almost always done this. It’s our greeting ritiual and this time she had ALOT to show off or shall I say, lack there of. I looked… she had ankles. Yes my sister who has had cankles from her pregnancy till now has ankles! She looks amazing, and I’m proud of her for many reasons but I am proud of her for her accomplishment and therefore I shall say again “I’M PROUD OF YOU!”

She had told me alot about the HCG diet as she was doing it, she saw results quick and I was very curious. I researched and talked to dozens of other women who had tried it and had success.  I decided that I would have to try it after seeing her wonderful results in person.

So I’ve started the HCG system, with some variations. I don’t consume alot of calories/food as a rule. I will admit I don’t have the healthiest eating patterns possible but I do try to make wise choices during the day. Due to medications that I am on that my body needs, many of them have the undesired affect of weight gain. So depressing, but it’s a fact that I have to live with right now. I also know that medically I cannot restrict my body to a drastic diet change because it reacts very negitively when I do that, so instead I’m making small changes bit by bit, in addition to starting the sublingual HCG drops.

After two days on the drops I’ve done as directed and weighted in every day. I’ve only lost one pound. I’m not going to fret over this because I know my body is gonna behave a bit differently. I’ve also got plans to start on a new fitness program tomorrow to see if that might help kick my sluggish metabolism into a highter gear, if you do anything to long your body will adjust and therefore some fitness modifications are needed from time to time.

Alot of the battle I’m finding is in my head. There are days that I am stuck in bed, that I cannot get down the stairs, that I need help to do simple tasks. But I’ve decided that there has got to be some changes made. Perhaps it’s all in vain, it has been before. I am forcing myself not to think that way. Sure medicine/medical issues got me to where I am now, and perhaps I may just have to one day accecpt that the size of my thighs will never change again. But untill I give it what I can, when I can (without the cheating of surgical procedures) I won’t be satisified myself.  When I can say “I’ve done as much as I can without putting my health in danger” than I will sit down and enjoy a full serving of chocolate pudding (low fat) with choclate chip cookies. Untill then make mine a mini, with a side of HCG drops and squat thrusts. 🙂