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There is a certain pleasure that I recieve from white sheets.  It is such a nice feeling of climbing into a bed made up of fresh, clean, pure white sheets.  The feeling isn’t quite the same if they are any other color besides white.  Pure, fresh and clean… mmmm white sheets.  I find that I do not sleep as well if the sheets are of any color.  No I’m not prejudice but I swear… there is a difference in the way I sleep! 

It’s not all just about color though, threadcount is very important too, yes I am a threadcount snob.  They have to be of a higher count otherwise they just are not as soft and durable.  I have found a higher threadcount sheet set to last for years and be worth every penny spent on them in the beginning.  If you have to replace it less then you automatically save money and your sanity of trying to find the perfect sheets over and over and over again, as opposed to if you had just bit the bullet a couple of times as opposed to multiple times.

All of the sheets for our bedroom are white, save for the one set of black satin that are just fun (and totally not practical).  I also use white sheets to drape over my living room furniture when we aren’t expecting company.  I find they are easier to just pick up and wash and they protect the sofa from the life of having multiple kids.  I have tried to not force my white sheet prefernce on to my children and therefore have placed white sheets with simple prints on them on their beds.  Thankfully they don’t seem to care as long as they are clean, and even then I wonder if our boys really notice… *laughs*

I am also one of those people who iron their sheets.  I don’t have the lurxury of having the time or desire to iron the whole sheet, just the edges of the cases and tops.  That way they look cripser without having to spend time ironing the whole sheet (which I have been known to do in the past…).  Cotton in as good as it feels and as good as it is for your skin it will wrinkle easily and loose it’s crispness if you don’t give it just a little bit of tlc.

One of the most simple plesures I believe is a nicely made up bed with white sheets.  It is like unfolding a gift when you go to bed at night and pull back the covers to be greated with layers of white to help you drift off to good dreams.

I have found that a good cleaning with bleach about every other washing is a huge help to keep my linens super white.  I have even become so much in love with my white sheets as of late that I have even put a white sheet on top of my regular dark red coverlet.  I have cats, cats shead, cats come in the room and shed on the bed, cover is difficult to wash, in comes the white sheet that gets laundred quite often and in the height of my allergy seaon it’s helpful to reduce bedroom allergens.  It also gave the bed a whole new look without spending money!  Two for one! Woot!

There is also something about doing a photoshoot with white sheets.  As  a professional model I have almost been tempted to carry a nice white flat sheet with me to shoots as a wardrobe option!  Seriously though, if you want a beautiful and effortless effect in your boudiour or glamour editorial photos a white sheet is awesome.

I remember being young, probably about 8 or so and spending some time with my Grandma.  She was making the beds at the house and I was helping her.  We were putting white sheets on the guest bed, and I remember how clean they made the whole room look.  Grandma was very good at giving out household tips and such, and I remember her saying that at least one set of white sheets were imporant to have in your linens.  Grandma was an excellent homemaker and I always loved all the little “tips” she would give me while I was assisting her around the house when we would visit. 

White sheets have become a part of my life, they make my bed look crisp and inviting.  White sheets also help me sleep better, sleeping on any other color just won’t do!  The pure simplicity of something simple, like clean, white sheets, are a good start to plesant dreams.