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Friend:  A person you know well and regard kindly:  “She was my best friend when we went through our first year of motherhood together.”

Friend:  A supporter either in actions or financially:  “This program is brought to you by friends of WRED.”

Friend:  An ally in any situation:  “He was right there with me kicking butt in that bar fight.” 

Friend:  An example of loyality:  “Even though he is no enemy of mine, he wronged my best friend, therefore I have no reason to care to associate with him.”

Friendship is a fine line to travel.  We guard our true selves close and pick from our fellow humans friends, some of those friends become best friends, and in some cases even closer than family.

One of my oldest best friends and I go back to the very early years of our lives.  Even though we have taken different paths at times in our lives we have remained close.  She moved from the friend file into the family file years ago, she and her family are an extension of mine.  Even though we may not communicate every day I know that we will be friends for the rest of our lives.  She and her husband are my daughters “godparents” so to speak and I couldn’t ask for better for my girls.

Another dear friend of mine is realtively new so to speak.  What started out as a business lunch, a couple of years later we still haven’t shut up.  If my phone bleeps with a text late at night I am 99.9 percent sure it is her texting me her newest idea or responding to mine.  We are different in the ways that give us a fun challenge, yet where things really matter we understand and appreciate the other.  She has made me thankful that I endured the business meeting that was our first interaction.

Someone else I hold dear was a romantic relationship of mine for many years.  Not only close with me but also formed a bond with my daughter. Nowadays even though we are not romantically involved he has transitioned into my best guy friend aside from my husband.  He is a part of the family and we talk just about every day, an odd looking friendship from the outside but that’s never been a concern.

My “sisters” are the family that I have chosen, we chose each other.  They are not of blood and to us that does not matter.  Our individual families have grown accustomed to the extenstions and references.  We don’t take our sisterhood lightly and have been known to fight for it. 

I am extremely blessed to have some very strong and amazing friends.  I can count them on one hand, and even though none of us are “surgically attached” to the other, they are still amazing.

My favorite blessing is my not only my best friend, but he is also my husband.  There is something that is incredible about our friendship, we can talk for hours and never run out of things to talk about.  At the same time we can sit in the quiet just comfortable in the companionship of the other.  We share the same wacky sense of humor and it goes past finishing each others sentences.  I never thought I would be a part of one of those couples, that were not only lovers but the very bestest of best friends, but I am so glad I am.