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My Mother and Grandmother taught me how to crochet at a very young age.  I was so proud when I had managed to single crochet a whole skein of yarn at the age of six years old.  Mom just smiled and my friends thought I was weird. 

People who crochet are reffered to as “hookers”.  So I guess that makes me a (legal) hooker, and my Mother a hooker too.  Since it’s been passed down in my famly for many generations (proven by the handmade crochet hook of my ancestors that sits in my mothers printers box), one could say that I come from a family of hookers.  I am very proud of this.

Fastforward a few years later to when my friends started getting married and having babies.  All of a sudden my (hooking) afghans and baby afghans became very popoular.  For awhile it was somthing I did in my rare bits of free time, it was relaxing and I enjoyed (hooking) making things for people. 

Now I’m finding myself with a slow growing demand of (hooking) handmade goods.  Spa cloths, afghan throws, scarfs, baby afghans, cleaning cloths, etc….  I rarely follow any pattern as I enjoy the whole art creation (hooking) process and very rarely are two items are the same.  I will (hook) create as long as I’m enjoying it, as soon as it becomes “work” or carpel tunnel decides to act up, I will halt. 

I will try to keep things updated as to what has recently been (hooked) created and what’s for sale. 

I apologize for the cell phone photography, I have no excuse as I’m married to a wonderful professional photographer.  The professional shots will be taken this week, and the new website up and running soon.