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I have a fondness for shoes, heels in particular.  In my previvious life I used to wear then 24/7 and had a hard time adjusting to walking in flats, tennis shoes, or even just barefoot around the house.  My body had become adjusted to the strain from them and accecpted it as normal.

This evening I had a hard choice to make.  Beautiful Stuart Weitzman black slingbacks that I adore, or black leather ballet flats alas not flattering but comfy.  It didn’t used to be a cause for thought to pick anything other than a heel to wear, even if I knew I would be spending many hours on my feet.  Since I no longer have to wear the business suits and dresses every single day anymore, my footwear choices have become more comfortable.

I knew I would look better in my favorite black heels, but I also knew that looking better isn’t always feeling better when it comes to foot-fashions.  The ballet flats won out in the end and though my feet are grateful to me, I swear I heard my Weitzmans sob when I left without them.

*photo by Kai Wang