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Today I found myself becoming one of those people.  I stood in the grocery store and was in one of my moods of calculating the cost of use of everything.  I’m always a careful grocery shopper, but as of late I’ve been seeking ways to cut corners even closer and inch just a little bit more out of the food budget. 

It takes money to feed kids.  We have kids, we don’t have a whole lotta money.  Since the wallet has gotten a bit thinner we have discovered there isn’t alotta difference between store brand and name brand foods.  In some ways the store brand or off brand is better than the name brand.  Believe it or not the stuff at the dollar stores is the same stuff at the grocery store. 

We have also discovered that sometimes it’s worth it to pay a few cents more to get a better quality product (especially if you have saved somewhere else on your list).  In the end the food goes into your body and you don’t need to eat junk.  For example, wheat spaghetti is more expensive but better for you than the typical “white” pasta.  It’s a few cents more but in the long run worth it.

It had been a long mental run though the grocery store.  I was longing to get home and off of my feet for a bit when I was rounding off the trip in the baby food asile.  Jars and cans of baby food stared at me from the shelves and I was so tempted to grab what I knew we needed for the next week and go.  Instead I picked up a jar and started reading the ingrediants, I repeated this a few times and found myself heading back into the frozen foods section.  A few bags of basic veggies and I was on my way home.

So I cooked the corn, green beans and carrots and struggled with my 30 year old blender.  I pureed the cooked veggies and poured them into ice cube trays, covered and stuck in the freezer.  Overall the process took about an hour.  Longer than what I would have liked but I look at it this way:

  • I know exactly what is going into Michelle’s belly, and there are no addictives or perservatives.
  • I have about three weeks worth of baby food made up for a fraction of the cost of buying it ready made.
  • It was a fun activity to do with the help of Megan (5) who kept me company with all sorts of chatter.

We are enjoying introducing Michelle to foods.  She loves tasting different things and loves making a mess when she eats.  I am going to start doing some research into different veggies and fruits she can start eating.  We have been very lucky with Megan and she eats a wide variety of veggies and fruits, I hope Michelle is the same way.

So with pureed carrots on my shirt (I never said it was a non-messy process!) and a happy baby with green beans in her belly, I consider this adventure a success.