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back I find myself asking “what is the perfect body for me?”  In as much as I’m tempted to get Bill to take a nude photo of me and then throw it into photoshop till I’m happy, I won’t.  For me to be happy the majority of my clothes have to fit comfortably.  I will always have a hourglass figure, that won’t ever change and I love my curves.  It’s part of my job to look good and now having to struggle more than I’m used to isn’t something I particularly care for.  It must be done and I know that when I’m happy with my body again I’ll be much happier overall.

I’m not one to ask for help often unless I absolutely need it.  I wasn’t totally convinced that I needed it, but after having some more complicated medical issues and realizing that loosing weight after Elle’s birth was going to be harder this time I reached out.  So now I have a totally awesome fitness coach and I’m working on what seems to be a program that I will see some great results with.  I will be writing more about this adventure here soon, so be on the lookout!

Setting a good example of health and wellness  for my kids is important to me, and a part of my decision to make some changes and do this program.  If our children don’t learn health habits and fitness from their parents, then who is going to teach them?  Sure our schools are doing better but that’s not enough. We live in a society that glamorizes fast food and cosmetic surgury, we are responsible to teach by example. 

I have two little girls who I love more than anything, my oldest is almost six and she’s very aware of how she looks.  She is healthy with what she eats and she is very fortunate to be very tall for her age therefore hopefully she won’t have some of the battles that a person of shorter stature would. I worry about her self image, we hug her and tell her all the time that she is pretty on both the inside and out. We stress that it’s just not your ourward appearance but what’s inside.  At the same time I know what battles she has ahead of her, I remember oh too well the tribulations of growing up female and having all sorts of images projected at you as to what you should look like. 

Meg has been going with me for awhile on photoshoots and she even does her own (side note: it’s so cute when she gets a new outfit she just loves she insists that she does a photoshoot in it almost immediately.).  She has fun being a ham and as long as she’s having fun that’s all that matters.  I hope she always has fun seeing pictures of herself and seeing herself as beautiful no matter what she looks like physically.  A perfect body for my daughter is one that is healthy, fit and that she is comfortable and happy in.  In my renewed quest to get into better shape I’m trying to make her a bit more aware about getting in enough physical activity, how important it is to eat right and that treats are fun in moderation. (yes she’s so smart she knows what that means!) 

I remember being about Meg’s age and seeing my Mom working out at home, sometimes I’d ask to join her and I remember how grown-up and cool it was to workout with Mom.  My mother has been blessed with being naturally slender (somehow I got the curves she missed out on) and has always taken pride in her looks.  Mom has never been one to eat alot of junk food, and she’s never been a health nut either.  She’s always been middle of the road but she also always impressed on me that it was important to take care of your body.  Still to this day when I do certain excersizes I will always think of my Mom.

The perfect bodies in my household are the ones we already have, but being taken care of to the best of our abilities.  Everyone is perfect just the way they are in this family, but there is no reason not to be in the best health and shape possible so that we can enjoy life to the fullest.  I’m excited to find a more perfect body underneath the perfect body that I already have.  We have been blessed with so much, it would be shame to neglect what we have been given.


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