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Once upon a time I lived where the actual sound of total silence was possible.  You didn’t hear the neighbors, the air unit, cars, planes, trains, people, animals, nothing.  Just silence.  It would roar when I would step out on my patio and look at the night sky, if I strained my ears I could hear the tiny babbling of the nearby creek or a twitter of a night-dwelling insect.

In surbia there is no such thing as silence.  In our household right now the air unit is blowing,  no noisey appliances are running, the kids are not awake, tv’s and steros are turned off, and occassionally I hear a sigh/snore from the nearby sleeping cat.  Birds are squaking outside, cars are rumbling in the distance and occassionally a loud neighbor wizzes down the quiet street.  Dogs are barking in the distance and some idiot cannot control the bass in their sound system.  Even though it’s “quiet” in the sense that there is no blaring obvivious noise taking center ring, it’s extremely loud.

We get so tied up into the fast pace of our lives, we forget to slow down and listen to the sounds of silence.  It seems like no matter where you go the achievement of total silence is hard to come by, as even air makes a noise.    My ears have gotten so used to noise that I cannot sleep at night if there is not a “white noise” on. 

If you do any research on noise and the various colors and physics behind “noise” it gives your head a whole different type of noise, commonly known as a headache.