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Hi.  I’m a Republican, and I have boobs.


In defense of Meghan McCain, a fellow Republican with boobs.  Who found herself chastized by many over posting a picture of herself with cleavage.  Stop.The.Press.  Republican women have boobs.  Yes under those pantsuits and turtlenecks they have boobs. 

Meghan McCain – I’m No Slut

Wait… so if they have boobs then *gasp* could it be that they have the capacity to have sex?

Have we really lost such a grasp on reality that it’s socially accecptable for insurance companies to cover the costs of Cialis for senior citizens, and then we slap the knuckles of a 20somthing girl for showing some cleavage in a fun photo on her Twitter account? 

Every party has it’s issues, but damn.  At least she has a brain behind her boobs, something that many of the “boobs” in Washington cannot say they possess.


I’m a Republican and I have Boobs.