I belive everyone has a “Jerry Springer” side.  That side that when the right buttons are pushed you come out swinging and pulling the offenders hair extentions before throwing them off the stage and into a putrid pool of rotten eggs.

Being a redhead this side of me wants to come out more often than not.  Over my lifetime I have learned to control this impluse and keep it at a dull roar.  I can guarantee you this though; if you want to see my “Springer” side come out then say something about my kids, my parenting abilities or my most closest friends.  When you do one of those things there is no redeeming yourself.  Ever. 

Perhaps I’m too bullheaded to forgive/forget, or perhaps I’m too cut-n-dried when it comes to my decisions of people I choose to be associated with.  Perhaps I have a warped view and deffination of loyallity.  Even so, at the end of the day I know I have stood loyal to those that I love and choose to keep close. 

Don’t mess with my family and friends, don’t insult my parenting and stay far away from my children.  Should you choose to be so stupid, I may not have the self restaint to keep the “Springer” side reigned in next time.  I forgive but I don’t forget.