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You know you have made it when Weird Al mentions you in one of his songs, is obviviously outdated.

Nowadays it’s all the rage and you know you have made it when Chia makes a Chia-Chia head in your image; Chia Obama.

Obama Chia

Obama Chia

  The commerical came on in the overnight block on cable last night.  I was too tired to even attempt a forumlation in my head of market saturation and CPM (tv advertising sales speak) over the riddicule inducing spot.  I busted out laughing and in the process woke Bill because it was. just. that. funny.  After my first intial outburst of laughter I wasn’t sure if I wanted to giggle more or cry and screen obsenties. 

What has our country come to?  I mean seriously… the most recent election was a farce, our country is falling apart, and now Chia Obama.  Our President in some ways is already a joke and now this?  Wow.  I bet we as a nation look really strong compared to other nations around the world. 

There is respect for authoritiy, because it’s the right thing to do, even though you may disagree with their actions.  There is respect to the office of President, even if the sitting President is not who you voted for, nor is the President of your chosen political affilation. 

We are the “sweet land of liberty”.  We have the freedom to respect and disrespect whomever we choose, our leaders included.

Our forefathers would be shocked and embarrased to see such a mockery made of the office of our President. 

“Land where my father’s died, land of the pilgrim’s pride.”  The thing about this is, that they fought for our freedom to think and act for ourselves.  That freedom came at a cost much higher than you will see on any tv commercial.

“Yes We Can” and it can be yours now for the low price of $19.95 plus $7.95 shipping. 

“Chanage has come to America”.  Did we really need this much change?  We are even deeper in debt, have a health system that is going to hell in a handbasket, our education systems are even in deeper with the goverment than they were before.  Someone bring us a Republican who knows how to balance a checkbook and priortize their commitments.

I’m not racist, but I can guarantee you that if Obama was a white man he would not be getting the attention that he is.  Because he is a minority everyone is acting like it’s such a victory.  Why is it such a victory if we are a country who has such open boarders as we do?  The war is over, get over it people.  He’s a man.  Who gives a rip about his skin color?  Oh wait… now you are trying to capitalize on his skin color?  Wow.  Your racist colors are showing.





I think I would have better luck going out and buying a Buddha to sit on my desk.  At least I don’t have to worry about watering him or triming his afro.


I’m proud to be an American.