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My Mini-Me aka Meg is the most adorable girl ever.  She’s a girlie-girl who loves all things feminine, including Barbie.  One of her favorite movies is “Barbie and the Diamond Castle”, she snuggles up on the sofa with the Simon Cat and her coresponding Barbie doll. 

Earlier in the day we had been talking about prayers and communicating with Jesus.  How we talk to Him in our heads all during the day and how we make time to spend in prayer.  How he likes to hear us thank Him for the things He has done for us.  At bedtime it was all I could do to keep from snorting when I heard:

“… and thank you Jesus for diamonds…”


She’s a MM (mini me) for sure.


Doing her “my sized” Barbie’s makeup, while wearing her Barbie wig