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I’m trying really hard to get into the swing of mixing business with baby.  It’s not like it’s my first time but after spending the past few years not at home it’s still difficult.  Even as I “speak” I have Michelle cuddled on my lap and I just settled Megan down with some Playdough. 

There are days that I sorely miss more interaction with other adults, social networks and phone just aren’t the same.  I’m working on scheduling at least one day out of the house working on business affairs, and another day for errands as trying to get a small baby, a five year old and myself out of the house by myself is difficult.  I’m still struggling with lack of sleep, insomnia, health issues and balancing what I want to get accomplished and what I can get accomplished.

When Bill was also working from home it wasn’t as bad, there was another adult here and it was easier to pass the baby and home duties back and forth.  Now I find myself staring at a mountain of laundry as opposed to a mountain of advertiser make-goods.

The reward of listening to Megan “reading” to her dolls, finding playdough in places where playdough is forbidden, and having her help me “organize” my shoes so she can have a new pair to play dress up in is a blessing.  Random hugs in the middle of the day and that sweaty smell that kids get from playing outside in the summer.  The sweet sighs that Michelle makes when she’s snoozing in my arms, the grins I recieve when I tickle her forehead with my hair, and the joy that I get from how she gazes at me is fantasic.  Getting to spend some quality time with my girls is something I always wanted to do.

It’s possible to have almost everything at once, you just may not have all the plates equally balanced.  At the end of the day you’ll know which ones are more important though.  In as much as I miss the adrenalin rush of negioating buys and helping clients on a full time basis, it’s not nearly as much as I would miss the rewards of being with my girls.  I still get to help people with their businesses, splash in the media pool, and model, but I also get to wear the Motherhood badge of baby spit-up and homemade artwork on the fridge.