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It took me ten days to get around to posting this… amongst everything else I will attempt not to be so remiss in the future.


Michelle aka Elle


Mommy and Daddy greeting the newest family member

Michelle made her way into the world on May 20th.  Way too early, but thanks to modern medicine she had been given the thumbs up to show up by the OB Specialists.  Weighing in at under 7lbs, with no eye lashes and next to non-existant fingernails.  Redish tinted hair, dark eyes and thin limbs.


Auntie Lila


Thankfully I wasn’t as drugged out of my mind for her birth as I had been for Megan’s.  The third dose on the epidural they gave me ended up going straight to my legs and I actually felt pain during the very last part of the labor, which sucked.  My wonderful husband was by my side the whole time, and I only snapped at him once when his cell phone went off in the middle of a bad contraction when they were putting my legs into the striups.  One of my best friends Lila was there as an extra set of hands and support.  They were both fantastic and it was so special to me to have two of the people who are closest to me when she was born. 


Mimi (my Mom)


Big Sister Megan

The lack of chaos and better control on the labor drugs lead to a much better experience.  Bill did as promised and didn’t get any embarassing pictures and never left my side.  I really could not have done this whole pregnancy and birthing bit without him.


Gary aka Duck and Michelle having a conversation


Awhile after she was born we were okay with visitors and put out the word that she had finally arrived.  Mom and Megan were the first to show up, followed by Derek (even though he didn’t get to meet Michelle as they had her back in the NICU still), and Gary aka Duck. 


Holding Daddy’s wedding ring


Michelle and Mommy

We stayed at the hospital a little longer than normal as the doctors wanted to make sure that she was eating enough and breating alright.  They were also keeping a close eye on me due to the Angio Edema, which decided to hit full force a few hours after delivery. 


“wrapped around your finger”


Auntie Mandy

Megan was able to stay with us as much as she wanted, I think to her it was a really cool hotel suite.  Complete with fun food on trays, eating dinner with Mommy in bed, cartoons, and nurses telling her how pretty she is.  She was able to hold Michelle soon after they brought her back to the room from the NICU, and is a wonderful big sister.


Bill and his girls


Settling down at home has taken less time than we thought.  We already were very well preped and afterall, this wasn’t our first time bringing a baby home.  Both Bill and I are blissfully exhausted, very happy and in much need of more sleep.