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Anonymous sex is a form of one-night stand or casual sex between people who have very little or no history with each other, often engaging in sexual activity on the same day of their meeting and usually never seeing each other again afterwards. The term Cruising is used to refer to looking for anonymous sex, usually in specific places where such activity is commonplace.  The internet is also a primary vehicle for people setting up anonymous sex. Anonymous sex is sometimes considered to be a form of prostitution when it involves an exchange of money or drugs for sex.” — From Wikipedia

I am a fan of Craigslist.  It’s cheaper and so much easier to use to sell stuff than traditional avenues and former addictions known as Ebay.  It’s also a great source to find intersting antiques and other stuff to buy without having to do a huge yardsale day.  I’m a sucker for good bargins and I’ve found some really good ones on there.  I’m also a sucker for funny stuff.  The husband and I have laughed together more than once at the insane personal ads that people will post on there.  Obviviously spelling skills and proper punctuation are not a turn on for the majority of the population.

The other day in search of a much needed giggle I surfed over to the personal ads.  This is not something that’s worth wasting a few minutes on daily, but a couple of times a week if you are on the site and need a laugh it’s totally worth it.

Now Chattanooga is a pretty small place (pop est 155,554 in 2000) and it’s easy to cross paths with multiple people.  There has been only one occassion when I recoginzed a girlfriend of mines photos on Craigslist that had been posted unbeknownest to her by her boyfriend.  Talk about an awakward phone call, much less the decision I made to actually make the phonen call with the reasoning of I would want someone to call me if the roles were reversed.

Anyways… the other day I surfed over and haphazardly clicked around.  Then I ran across one that just gave me the yuckies.  There was totally non-sexual picture of a guy who I went to school with for many years, I mean I’ve known this guy and his family since we were kids!  Needless to say the yuckies were very hard to shake off.  Partly because of just total disbelief that this guy (who isn’t bad looking and was always very nice, I never dated him but he was a great friend) had to stoop to that level.  The other because it was just weird to run across.

So this brings us to the question of “is anonymous sex ever really anonymous?”

How many times have you been out on a date with someone and you guys start talking and find out that you know alot of the same people.  Then your mind immediately starts to go to the place of “oh gee… did they….???”  So sure we all heard in sex-ed class in school that every person your partner has slept with so have you.

It’s like a really peverted game of “Six Degrees of Seperation”.  Only instead of Kevin Bacon being the center object it’s a whole different type of bacon entirely.