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Pregnancy dreams are weird.  Even weirder when you dream you are in pain, you wake up your spouse because you are dreaming youl_f4a8fb242bcc4fcf9439a3286910710a are in pain.  Turn out you actually are in pain and it’s not just a dream anymore.  Ugh.

So last night I had the most terrifying dream that I went into labor early.  Completely understandable and explainable because we know “Bump” is attempting to show up early.  Which translates to lots of time off of my feet and attempting to take it as easy as possible.  Easier said than done for a woman who has a t0-do list growing in my head and in as much as I want to be motivated to knock some of it out, that’s difficult to do when one is “restricted” and has placenta brain.

To make it even worse in this dream we were so not ready.  Much like we are now.  No bags packed, insurance issues not settled, nursery a bit of a mess, business things to get done, next great American novel to write… the usual.  I remember in the dream having to send my Mom here to the house to pack a bag for me and getting insanely frustrated at her for not packing the right things.

So what did I do today?  I packed the bag for the baby for the hospital.  My own bag?  Not nearly as much fun to pack and also a lot more difficult as I can’t pack some things because I’m wearing them  now (maternity nightgown / lounge wear). After I had a freak out last week about a bad panic attack about not being ready, we already stocked up on toiletry minis for the hospital, along with things I would need right after her birth.  Unfortunately Hellmart didn’t have a epidural section… otherwise I would have already gotten one of those.

True she’s not due for quite some time yet.  Considering her sister was early and she’s making it well known that she has no plans of staying in place for who knows how much longer… I’m getting nervous and wishing for that epidural NOW!