I haven’t gotten much sleep the past few nights due to contractions.  Yes you heard me, contractions.  It’s WAY too early – but this time around I’ve had less issues with preterm labor than I did with Meg.  So I’m actually pretty thankful that I didn’t start to go into labor at 18 weeks like I did with her big sister, it’s still a pain though.

Thanks to three days in a row now of being hit with the contractions that stick around a bit longer than before, and just this feeling I’m getting that this little one may be a bit more impatience than her Mommy… we’re getting into high gear of getting ready for her.  It would be nice to get through a couple more months for her sake, but between my health and her impatience (or my body is just ready to be done with the alien take over) there is high doubt we are going to have that long.

In as much as I was hoping to get accomplished before the new ruler of the household shows up, things aren’t looking too sunny in that department.  I had hoped to have some more professional projects completed and a really good housecleaning done.  In addition to getting the rest of her room pulled together and some other reorganizing in the house.

One of the best parts though of having a little one coming along is the layette!  I have developed a fondness for resale shops because you can often get new items for a fraction of the price.


Of course she would have to have items with cherries on them!


Cannot pass up anything with a hint of a ruffle bottom!


Her Daddy picked this one out, saw it and just had to have it.  Only now he wants to “edit” it to say “Professional Photos with baby $1!”  =-)