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It’s also been intersting the past few days due to the lack of electricity that we’ve had due to bad storms and lots of trees in our area.  The first 28+ hours we didn’t have a generater hooked up, but we did have a house full of kids.  Needless to say it was rather interesting.  Turns out that my Dad has a generater that he let us borrow when the electricity decided to go out again (wish we had known he had it the first time!).  On the bright side though our EPB bill will be lower this month.

Gotta love storms, and slow customer service from your local electric company.  Since this Friday we have been on and off with power for a total disconnect time so far of 46 hours.  Not a good postion for a high risk pregnant woman.  It’s not like we live in tenbucktwo, we live in a highly populated neighborhood in town.  I understand that we do not have underground utilities, and that there are other customers out, but this has gotten insane.  Our next door neighbor (the one that we know) has had electricty because they are connected to a different box than we are.  And our two friends who live about a block on either side of us one street over in both directions have electricity.  It’s just a few of us in this area!  We have no tress down or house damage like those around us so we are very thankful for that but this has just gotten insane.

We pay for service… why are we not getting it?  I have gotten to be on a first name basis with all the customer service reps at the EPB it seems.  I try to be sweet knowning that it’s not their fault, just wanting some answers.  I wish there was another game in town, or that it was possible for us to move somewhere else right now, because frankly this is total bull.  Thankgoodness for Dad’s generator and my husband who is handy with things such as that and our grill.