This is a repost for a friend of mine, Skipper who is also a Chattanooga Cherry.  She’s taken it on herself to put together a team for the March of Dimes.  Unfortunately I’m not able to take  part in it this year, but I want to help get the word out and please check out her site links and donate towards a good cause if you can please!


Come on Models…lets save some babies!!!

March of Dimes will be in Chattanooga on May 3…I am trying to get a Chattanooga Cherries Team together. I’ve already made a website for the Cherries and you can go to it by following the link listed below. I put our goal to raise $500 and that shouldn’t be very hard for all of us to raise that…if not even more!!

We have quite a few of us in this group pregnant right now and I know we are all hoping the pregnancy and babies come out healthy and that’s what the March of Dimes goes to support. So come on models…let’s get to work…and raise some money!!!

If you are interested in Joining the Team contact me and I’ll help you get started!

If you are interested in Donating to the team go to:

My personal site for the cause is:

Here are the event details:

River Front Pier Area May 3, 2009 1401 Williams Street, Suite 205 Chattanooga, TN 37408 Walk Distance: 3 miles Registration Time: 1:00PM Start Time: 3:00 PM Chapter: River Valley Division Phone #: (423) 267-7172

Thank You!! Skipper