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When we were kids/babies, things were simple.  Our mothers didn’t have fancy designer burp cloths, wipe warmers or blankets with velcro for the perfect bundling.  I’m so thankful my Mom taught me all of her little tricks over the years, and for the years of working as a nanny/babysitter.  Why did products have to become complicated?  “We” survived and thrived without all the crazy bells and whistles.

One thing I refuse to spend alot of money on, is burp cloths.  They just get spit up on, go in the wash, repeat.  Quite frankly the ones that they sell nowadays most of the time are too thin and don’t protect much at all.  Mom got me a bunch of padded inthe middle cloth diapers when I was pregnant with Mini-Me, she sewed grosgrain ribbon on the seams for a decorative touch.  Those things worked great!

This time around I decided to do a little sewing of my own so Mom wouldn’t feel like she had to do so much.  These are just a sampling of some I did.  I think they turned out pretty well!