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We’ve all heard of “Muffin Top” when someones pants are too small and they get that “tire” around the middle also known as “Muffin Top”.   It’s somewhat the same if a woman wears a bra too small she gets “Muffin Boobs”.

I’m sure plenty of the guys are asking “what’s wrong with that?!”  Some models are guilty of buying a bra for that extra spillage for a photo shoot (one cup size too small usually does the trick) and makes your boobs look even bigger.

This evening I experienced the true feeling of having major “Muffin Boobs” that seemed to start at my collarbone.  It’s all because of a cherry printed bra.  Of course, I’d have to buy a bra and panty set with cherries on them.  For months I had lamented over not finding one that I really liked and the other day ran into one at Walmart.

Yes I said Walmart.  Hell has officially frozen over because I finally broke down and brought lingerie at Walmart.  Seriously.  Goodbye Blue Label, Casablanca, Fredricks and Victoria Secret, hello Haynes.  It was a super cute cherry print so it was justified.  Anyways for months I had seen this set and never brought it because they were always too darn small.  Till the other day my pre-pregnancy size was on the rack, the only one I had ever seen.  Not being one to take chances on fate I grabbed it.  Washed it, let it dry and finally tried it on.

The Wonderbra ain’t got nothing like a bra two cup sizes too small.  It was all I could do to get my nose out of my own cleaveage and interupt my husbands shower to see the hillarity.   Being a guy, he didn’t see the problem, cups that don’t contain are only a bonus for the male species.

Needless to say my new “muffin bra” is going to have to wait in the drawer until late Summer.