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The Nesting instinct is kicking in.  When I don’t feel like death-warmed-over, I can be found cleaning and organizing.  I’ve been doing the practical thing and as soon as I acquire new baby stuff I wash it immediately and put it away, that way I don’t have a nightmare on my hands of stuff to do all at once.  Once something is put away it’s put away right?  Well today I had the urge to reorganize the baby clothes that have already been acquired, perhaps it was a mistake as I was already worn out.  I used to laugh at the “refold” and “reorganize” telltale signs of motherly nesting, and now I catch myself doing it again, and earlier than I did when I was pregnant with Mini-Me.

I’m also coming to the realization that babies use more stuff than I remember.  Phew… If I had ever thought I’d have another child I never would have gotten rid of Mini-Me’s baby stuff.  I’m pretty well versed in what we need and what’s just unneccessary.  Still, the amount of stuff is staggering, I started doing the baby registries and was hit with the though of  “where in the world are we going to put this stuff?”  Bill and I went to the local baby store today and I was still awestruck at the amount of stuff.  Thankfully we were on a time crunch to add a few last items to our registry, as I’m not susspota’ be up and doing alot right now.  So since there was a time crunch, there was no chance for me to Oooo and Awwww over everything adorable which was probably a good thing.

Finding out that she will be here sooner than we were expecting I’m starting to get anxious and trying to somewhat enjoy my forced rest periods now.  It will probably be the last time for a long time I’ll be able to sleep for more than four hours in one stretch.