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I’m a sucker for good deals and have spent hours scouring the internet for product reviews and pricing on all the baby stuff we are going to need.  I was eleated this past week when I found a fantastic deal on a whole nursery of furniture on craigslist!  Spoke with the sellers immediately and was in the process of putting together a counter offer and planing a trip to go look at (oh who am I kidding… pick up) the furniture.

Things are tight right now and so I was trying to put it off a little bit, and the sellers were fine with that.  Then I get a phone call this morning telling me some big ole’ line about someone else making the trip to see it and them not knowning about it till the last minute, and the owners went ahead and sold it.  I’m pissed.  But I’m really hoping that the people who did buy it are in a tighter financial situation, and that there is an even better deal for us somewhere down the road.