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Q:  How can you tell that a model and photographer are married?

A:  They both keep boxes and bags of things that have been used, will be used, or would be good for a photoshoot.

I take  a trip out to the garage to get a toy of Mini-Me’s, and had to move a few things out of the way to get to it.  I move a box that I notice is full of things that my husband has used and has talked about using for photoshoots.  I wonder to myself why he didn’t clean it out and get rid of the things that he’s already shot with.  Then I  move a bag of mine that holds a cosutme piece that I’ve used in two photoshoots, and after tailoring it to fit, I’m not willing ot throw it out yet.

I had to smile in spite of myself.  In as much as I am working to get this house organized and rid our abode of things that we don’t use or have forgotten about, the findings made me smile.

I married a man I think is a bigger pack rat than me.  🙂