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hbr One day every year I spend a hunk of time in front of the mirror naked.  Taking full evalution of the tracks of time that are showing up across my being.

This year there is some added weight that was quite unexpected, it’s thrown a kink into my vision as to where I thought I would be 12 months ago.   There are more white hairs than there were last year, my auburn locks are getting darker and getting to a length I really like.  My skin is speakled with more freakles, which is not uncommon for redheads as they age, and a paler shade than I care for due to the lack of UV exposure.  The family lines are starting to show a bit on my face, not bad yet but I don’t want to see them in ten years.

Thanks to steroids over a long period of time and now pregnancy, there is “swelling” that is not neccessarly associated directly with HAE.  My breasts have always been perky, thankfully even after one child and now pregnant they are not in bad shape, possibly room for improvement though eventually.  My legs are not in their best condition, neither is my backside, but I cannot fault myself for that thanks to afore mentioned medical issues.

“Bump McCord” makes herself known as I’m doing my examintion in the mirror, doing her best sea monkey impersonation with her movements.  The past few days she’s let me know where my sciatic nerve is and has made me even more miserable.

There’s a beautiful addition to my left hand, placed there by my loving husband.  Although a year ago I never would have pictured myself here, I’m happy.  I married a wonderful man who makes me stive to be a better person, who completes me, shares my interests, has opened his life to me completely, and I know he will always be there.

I’m pregnant with our daughter – something I wanted to do one more time in my life but didn’t think I ever would again.  I have three wonderful children (my almost five year old “mini-me”, and my two stepsons 15 and 11 respectively), two sweet cats and one dog that resembles a dust bunny.

Instead of worrying about making budget in my career I finally have the opportunity to really help my clients take their businesses to the next level.  I’m blessed to work with one of my best friends, and thankful for the chance to help others, not just get rid of inventory.

I’m surrounded by a small yet very special circle of those I consider more than just friends – they are part of my family.  My friends are more eclectic than my music taste, and I love the fact that I have some really fantasic people who I call friend.

There is a roof over my head, food in my fridge, clothes in the closets, my husband beside me, my children around me, friends who make me smile and much more to be thankful for.

I look back and realize in many ways I’m living the life I always wanted, sure things are not as perfect as I wish.  If things were perfect there would be no drive to do better.  So happy birthday to me, another year behind me, many more out ahead.