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So Bill and I make a quick trip today into Babies R Us, and instanly I swear my overies gave a lurch.

We’ve looked at baby stuff online but haven’t spent too much time examining and touching the actual stuff.  I started getting excited all over again, the cool gear is only part of the fun!  Thing is though that there are so many freaking “bells and whistles” on things nowadays, even more so than just a few years ago!

For example, I want a nice Graco Pack n’ Play with an infant napper.  I have no need for the diaper changer arm and is it to much to ask to find it in a fabric that I like?  Something that’s not too “baby” yet looks pretty at the same time?  The ones I looked at online I thought I really liked, then seeing them in person made me understand why people cough up a few extra $20’s or $50’s to get a attractive and useful sleeper.

So we walk around a bit more, looking at a few items we know we are going to need.  I recieved a pat on the back for saving at least $100 on the nursery bedding thanks to being a savvy shopper at discount stores.  =)

One thing that is required when  you go into a Babies R Us is that you have to test out the rocker gliders.  I showed Bill which one I want and proceeded to sink into it.  He joined me in the one beside me and we glided in silence for a minute till he said “Okay we’ve got to move and get out of here otherwise I’m going to start lactating.”