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I have a deep seeded hate for cable.  It provides me with all sorts of wonderful entertainment, and even cartoons for the kids.  My brain gets to turn to mush while enjoying all sorts of fantastic bits.

Unfortunately in todays economy we all must make sacrifices.  Various people (who will remain nameless) swore to me up and down that the local cable reicht couldn’t block the upper cable channels if you used their internet.  This did not make sense to me but I figured I’d listen to someone else for a change and trust in the knowledge and hopefully save some money.

So the cable guy came out this morning, tinkered around outside for a few and vanished.  I was hesitant to turn on the tv… as soon as I did I was greeted by static.  Every f’n channel till I got down to the lower “basic” ones.  The source of knowledge was wrong and I cannot help but to be pissed.

I am so sick of trying to be careful and watching every penny.  We all make our sacrifices but good grief I’m not sure how many more I can do.  I’ve cut back on my nail appointments to once a month and have taken to doing my own pedictures.  Same with my hair appointments, no longer do I go every two – three weeks, I’m lucky to see the salon once a month.  I no longer go to my Esthetician once a week, instead it’s about once every other month.  I’ve not seen the inside of a shoe store in months, nor have I brought any new accessories period.  Buying maternity clothes brought me very little joy as they were a neccessity and frankly who wants to buy clothes to “hide” the fat?  Much less spend money on something you will wear for less than a year.

Yes I’m bitching.  I have a home office, I leave the TV on during most of the day for background noise and the break from trying to figure out how to make the next biggest dollar.  There will be no more Spongebob for the kids of the household and no more chef, fashion and football for me.  This is not what my pregnancy hormones needed and I want to sit down and bawl.

I was hoping the switch wouldn’t affect me as I didn’t grown up with cable.  Our TV had rabbit ears and we got 3 channels.  We also didn’t have the internet till my later years in academy.  Alas it’s affected me and I’m irritated with myself for it.