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So I had to stop by the drugstore today and realize that it’s Valentine’s Day coming up soon.  Immediately I start plotting as it will be our first together.

For the past few years I had been quite dismayed at the selection of cards for those who are not married but in a relationship.  This year I became overwellmed and started wishing there were fewer choices to make the decision easier.  Picking a card is the most difficult part, figuring out what to do for the rest was a piece of cake.

I married a romantic and that makes the whole process easier.  Visions of things with candlelight and other things that I will not mention here started floating though my head to surprise my husband with.

Then I realized that we’ll have kids hanging from the rafters that weekend.

Yeah.  Scratch that.  :p

(Part One due to the fact that I doubt this will be my only post on this upcoming Holiday)