“… she really has a good heart…”
I call bullshit.  Someone who has a good heart doesn’t put people that they claim to care about in emotional and mental jeopardy.

I know that my pregnancy hormones are raging, but I’m quick to “snap” when you come after someone I love and care about.  Now that the bull is creeping in at a horrid time and I’m freaking out and nervous already about fiances, I’m even more pissed.  I won’t lie, things are tight as they are for most families in this economy.  We are busting our butts to do everything we can for our family and to build up business.

In the animal kingdom when a predator thretens the young, or a pregnant animal – the mother reacts fiercely to protect her offspring/turf.  I’m reacting because I feel like  I need to protect my family, established and coming soon this Summer.

There are just some rare individuals that I never need to meet.  I am not a violent or confrontational person, but ever just get the feeling that someone really needs to be bitchslapped?