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So my wonderful husband has had a sore throat for the past few days.   Due to my AE and pregnant state we’ve become even more psychotic than normal about germs and such.  So there has been no kissing or even sleeping together in the same bed just to make sure there is nothing contageous.  (With AE you can even just think of a germ to some weird sickness and catch it it seems.)  Also thanks to strict warnings from my obgyn of taking it super easy and emphasing the importance of staying as healthy as possible …it’s been interesting.

Needless to say I am in hell.  Correction.  We are in hell. 

The sexual tension is off the charts, and this no kissing and sleeping alone stuff is really dancing on my last nerve.  It was bad enough over the holidays of having to avoid family members that were recovering from bronchitus.  But now having to avoid just kissing my husband untill his sore throat goes away is complete hell.