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So awhile back I wrote about “Neighbors” and how hoods’ have changed over the years.  Soon after that we were getting in the car to run some errands one evening and low and behold a human walked across the lawn next to ours!  We actually met a neighbor!   And she was nice!  We talked with her for a bit and found our some more information about the neighborhood in general and about the other households around us.   It was so reassuring to know that we lived next door to some really nice people. 

Today while I was crashed out on the couch in the midst of a horrid headache, our sweet next door neighbor brought over a platter of Christmas baked goods!  My being crashed out on the couch gave my husband a headstart to munching on the freshly baked goodness.  Not store brought cookies arranged pretty, but an actual assortment of goods!

Now I have inspiration to do some of my own Holiday baking and sharing!  As soon as I find out my neighbors secret for such scrumption raisin cookies and peanut butter bars!