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Sleep for 4 hours.  Awake for 4 hours.  Repeat.

Sleep for 4 hours.  Awake for 4 hours.  Repeat.

This has become my life.  As to why I cannot stay asleep for more than 4 hours on average I have no clue.  Exhaustion is not winning out.

I was shamelessly blaming my darling cat Simon, who is also affectionatly known by other names such as; “brat”, “pyscho cat”, “chinese food” and “dead meat” amongst other things when he decides to become “klepto-cat” and knock and/or steal items off of dressers, the christmas tree and nightstand – waking the household up in the process. 

Alas it’s not Simon’s fault (the majority of the time) that I cannot sleep.  I think it’s the “bump”.  Getting up multiple times during a sleep cycle/the night/naptime to pee is quite annoying.  Also not to mention it’s not possible to sleep on my stomach anymore, or to stay put in one postion for a very long period of time. 

*yawns*  Alrighty.  Back to bed for another 4 hours…