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I’m beginning to get a bad taste in my mouth for doctors.  I see them way too often and I am tired of having tests, vampires, procedures and questions.  I also wish that every doctor worked on commission for a month.  I’m tired of hearing “you have to take it easy” and “we don’t know  _____(insert symtom/medical mystery/issue)____ affect pregnancy, yada yada yada…”

AE fatigue is pretty rough, adding pregnancy to it… well it’s given me a new deffination for exhaustion.  It also makes sense as to why I was so tired when I was pregnant with MiniMe. 

By the way… PMS isn’t nothing compared to pregnancy.  Sheez.  At least with PMS there is an end in sight…. with pregnacy the end is not in sight within any reasonable ammount of time.  One can make PMS sometimes somewhat better with chocolate, but with pregnancy if it’s not the exact kind of (Godiva Milk Chocolate) that you are craving that very minute, it’s completely and utterly pointless.  With PMS a sappy TV commercial can turn one to tears, with pregnancy even glacing at a billboard on the interstate is fodder for an outcry of emontion.  Not having to carry tampons for almost a year is not enough of a trade-off in this situation.