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I never saw the morning on Saturday.

Instead I saw afternoon.

It has been a struggle getting up in the morning, doesn’t matter what time I go to bed, dosen’t matter how many naps I catch in the evening, dosen’t matter how much I sleep on the weekends.  My body is in a permanate sleep mode.  If it’s not asleep it’s sick, whomever named it “morning sickness” was a lucky soul because there are those of us that get it 24 hours.  The sickness has not a hint of prejudice as to when it will strike.  What fun.  Still thankfully I’m not nearly as bad off as I was when I was pregnant with MiniMe, it lasted the whole pregnancy.  Oh joy!

If I’m not sleeping, then I’m having trouble sleeping.  it seems to come in waves.  Just when I think I’ve got everything into a pattern, I’m proven wrong.  Bad thing about getting hit with an insominia attack when pregnant is not being able to take that pill that you know would knock you out cold, or having a little nightcap for snooze assistance.

My poor husband one of these days is going to look at me and wonder where the lazy woman he married went.  As it’s bad enough with AE with the bouts of fatigue, but you add pregnancy on top of it and frankly I cannot muster the energy to care what the house looks like.  If the beds are made, if the linens are folded properly, if the shoes are back in their exact resting spot, and if the dirty laudry is pantry is organized properly.  This is the woman who formerly had a place for every condiment in the fridge, every shirt in the closet and folded dirty towels before putting them in the basket.  I feel for my husband on that joyful day (probably at least a year away) when I snap back into myself.  Although maybe I’ll be able to find some happy medium between OCD and to fatigued to give a care.

All the books tell you to sleep as much as you can when your pregnant.  Now that’s a fantastic concept.  I think a childless man must have wrote those books.