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Grocery shopping for a family of five is so much different than grocery shopping for a family of two.  It’s daunting I tell you.  Something that I used to be able to do in less than 30 minutes now takes at least an hour.

The conversations I find myself having are quite discombobulated as I muss over different meal ideas in my head.  Trying to keep sorted out which kid likes what, and how in the world do you keep three kids and two adults happy with one meal idea?  Not to mention multiple dinners, lunches and breakfasts!  Oh to have my own personal chef would be such a joy.  I don’t ask for much, seriously.

Also I’ve discovered that the grocery store is the place to be hit upon.  Seriously ladies, it’s better than any high-end bar.  These guys are sober (you’d think) and are doing something responsible (stocking their kitchens with food). 

So back to shopping for a family of five… I’m still shaking that around in my head a bit.  Either that or I’m still having shock from the checkout line, bonus card or not… wow.