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One of my goals this month was to weed though all my business cards that I have collected over the past many years.  You may think a month is a long time to go though a single Rolodex… not so.  You have to count the two binders full of pages of cards, one full Roledex, a drawer full of cards at the office, and a stack of them stashed for quick access behind my keyboard at work. 

This evening I saw the light at the end of the tunnel.  In transfering everything to one single location I realized I need a much larger Rolodex.  This is after “burping” it multiple times, disgarding duplicates, outdates, out of business, out of the world, etc…  In doing this I started down an odd memory lane of sorts, all the way back to my very first venture into a business for business purposes.  I don’t think I didn’t ever not have a clue, I always knew the path of purpose from the starting step to the final step. 

Then of course I have to take it to a deeper level than just the surface of a business transaction and wonder how much of an impact I was able to have on someone or their business.  If after 13 weeks, or years of work, how much of it in the long run really truely paid off.  Dollars come and go, actually helping someone to move ahead makes a true impact. 

I had a fantastic boss once upon a time that told me I had “too much heart to truely have a forked tongue.”  It’s not as beneficial to the bottom line of the wallet to think that way, so we end up thinking of meeting numbers more than we do the impact that we have on someone and their business.  Contacts and contracts become pages in our Rolodex’s of life and in the end how often do we look past those cards and the deadline to really help and care?

In getting started on my project this month I had no idea it would send me on such train of thought.  I thought that getting those contacts a bit more organized would perhaps help uncover some grains of golden business opportunties I may have overlooked.  Instead it has me questioning patterns, techniques, and methods.  Forcing myself to look at the bigger picture as opposed to the bigger dollar.  In as much as I’m glad I’m not a shallow person, sometimes I have to think that it would make certain things in life so much eaiser.

Who’d ever of thunk’ it that “burping the Rolodex” would be a cause for cost absorption.