The plate warms your fingers and the frangrant smell of homemade chicken pot pie drift up to your nose.  You know exactly what to expect, a flaky crust, juicy bites of chicken, delicious veggies and a creamy sauce.  Your mind takes you back to your mothers kitchen where she would make chicken pot-pie from scratch, and then to a later time in life when you tried to re-create that experience with five minutes in a microwave. 

(I should note here that this is not an advertisement, I am not paid to endorse said product, I just have a rave about something I am totally lovin’.)

Casa Rolls Chicken Pot Pie

Shhh… don’t tell my Mom but it’s better than hers. 

If you are in Chattanooga you are in luck and you can find a Casa Rolls near you.

Try their Raspberry salad dressing while you are there… it’s also the bomb.  Perfect even with fruit!