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I am a Republican.  I have had the occassional Democrat tendency. 

I think John McCain was the lesser of two evils and would have been a good president. 

Still even with my standing, I am getting sick of the jokes about our soon to be new president.  No I don’t think he’s the one for the job, but enough of America thought so and therefore he’s in.  He won the election and will be President and therefore his position deserves our respect.  He will have to work to earn our respect, and time will tell if he will. 

We cannot change the results of the election.   Perhaps it will be for the better, we shall see.  If anything our country needs is our prayers and activity to make things better, not jokes and disrepect of those who are trying to better our United States. 


And while I’m on a political soapbox (which I try to stay off of publically) pray for our Troops.  They are the ones out there working their asses off to protect our country, putting their lives on the line every day for us.  We just had Veterns day too… you don’t have to say “thank-you” just on that one day, any day is a good day to thank someone for defending the United States. 

Ya know… It’s a time of war but yet we don’t see the yellow ribbons that we used to see.  I remember during Desert Storm seeing Yellow Ribbons everywhere, what happened to those?