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I cannot manage to turn my head off, thoughts keep going through it and I come up with some really great ideas when I’m sick.  The only problem is most of the time I’m too groggy and “blah” to be able to write them down before I pass back out. 

Today I gave up.  I got home from the doctors and realized I have to learn how to do something; take care of myself.  I should have gone into the docs a few days ago when I first started feeling ick, but knowning that I had things to take care of, people to see, paperwork to take care of and money to make – I pushed my health to the back corner.  One of these days I’ll learn. 

I did have a great thought though:  A drugstore/grocery store chain would do well to have an endcap setup of “unwell baskets” made up of cans of chicken noodle soup, jello, throat drops, good tissues, a tv guide and warm socks, etc… because instead of stumbling through the store in your “unwell” state you could littlerly just grab one of those.  They could clear out extra inventory and boost sales during allergy and cold season.  Or at least it seems like a great thought in my foggy-brain state…..